We specialize in out of warranty Apple repairs, but offer services for all makes and models of computers at competitive rates. Whether it just stopped working, got dropped, has a broken screen, suffered liquid damage, or any other possible scenario you can think of, we’re here to help!

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Available Repair Services:
      • Free Comprehensive Diagnostics
      • Free advice. If you are unsure whether a diagnostic is even necessary, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to help guide you in the right direction.
      • A NO FIX NO PAY Policy. If you decide to decline the commencement of a repair prior to providing consent, no other fees aside from the diagnostics with be incurred. Additionally, if we are unable to repair your device, no repair costs will be incurred, and the cost of any ordered parts will be absorbed by us.
      • Basic house-keeping services. This includes services such as formatting, the reinstallation of your Operating System, or support with basic software setup and installation.
      • Competitive Repair services that address a wide spectrum of issues, such as software issues, the replacement of faulty components, board-level repairs and LCD replacements.
      • Ultrasonic Cleaning services for liquid damaged devices. Don’t trust someone with a toothbrush and rubbing alcohol, get your device cleaned properly and professionally Cleaning cost will only be incurred if your device is operational after cleaning. If your device requires extensive board-level repair services, your repair options will be fully discussed with you and no repairs will be conducted without your consent. If you are a business that does not want to invest in ultrasonic cleaning equipment and are seeking ongoing cleaning services, special arrangements can be made at discounted rates. Please use our contact form to discuss such arrangements.
      • Data Recovery Services (basic level, such as extraction, transfer from broken units etc.)
      • EFI / Firmware password lock removal services. If you’ve forgotten your password and hardware locked yourself out of your computer, we can help. We require proof of ownership in order to provide this service as a preventative measure against theft.